Guy McLendon
PO Box 711034
Houston, Texas 77071
Res.: 713-779-8011
Fax.: 713-779-8012
Citgo Petroleum Corporation
P.O. Box 1562
Lake Charles, LA 70602
Instrument Engineer
1999 to Present

Responsbile for all Automation Department systems for a $210 million capital project.  Systems include a new Honeywell TDC3000 LCN and console, Triconex PLC, analyzer building with Antek total sulfur and Siemens gGas chromatograph, control systems for centrifugal and reciprocating compressors.

Managed installation of new Honeywell TDC 3000 I/O system for refinery Unicracker and Reformer units.


Vertex Industrial Projects
1200 Hwy 146 #140
LaPorte, TX 77099
Corporate Engineer

Managed projects in the Automation Department at CITGO Refinery. Led department's programs to reduce quantity of MOC projects (1997-1999), and HAZOP Recommended Actions (1995-1997). Projects included refinery's first PLC that used analog I/O to perform safety functions on a process heater, and infrared detectors for flare pilot monitoring.

Wilcrest Engineering  
Lafayette, LA
Contract Engineer

Prepared proposal & cost estimate for the control system of two Enron natural gas compressor stations. Reviewed CFR 1910.119 to prepare for PSM screening of prospective client's facilities. Produced as built one line diagram for existing 2.3kV power system (Enron), and revised existing spreadsheets for pressure relief header design verification per API standards. Prepared course manual & slides for PRV field survey effort (Kerr McGee).

Enron Group Technical Services
333 Clay Street    
Houston, TX 77002
Contract Engineer
1993 to 1995

Provided startup assistance during construction for plant connections to a bidirectional pipeline. Project involved multiple piping tie points, double stopple with bypass, pumps with trip circuits and hydrotesting of undergound pipe. Coordinated design and startup of a safety system for 3 process heaters.

Coordinated I&E design for a natural gas salt dome storage facility, and provided startup assistance for most systems. Systems included engine/compressor packages, station SCADA system including radio telemetry, wellhead shutdown system, dehydration unit with special vapor recovery system, gas metering skid, moisture control system, standby power generator, gas detection and fire detection systems.


Exotherm Corporation
9517 Town Park Drive
Houston, TX 77036
Senior Design Engineer
1991 to 1993

Reviewed specifications, procured instrumentation, performed design for electrical and fuel delivery systems, factory startup testing, wrote electrical and paint specifications, and wrote operations manuals. Performed two heater startups on customer premises. Software included AutoCAD Ver 9, Lotus 123, Wordperfect and Dbase 3 Plus. Standards included NEC, NFPA 85A, 85C, 496, and portions of NFPA 59.

Continental Controls, Inc.
6300 Hillcroft Ave. #400
Houston, TX 77081
Instrument Engineer
1989 to 1991

Field surveyed two Jamaican alumina plants to produce process control diagrams. Surveyed plant units: ball mills, digester, evaporation units, tank farm for slurry and spent liquor, filtration, thickeners, and calcination. Standards included ISA S5.1 and S5.3. Designed, built and configured input/output system for alumina to caustic ratio control system. Built one display screen, and performed some database configuration on The FIX by Intellution.

Built data acquisition software configuration for steam generation facilities using the SCADA software PC-30 (Iconics - Genesis Ver. 3.2). Features included a custom report generator, data logging to disk and twenty display screens with trend windows and controller faceplates.

The ARRO Company, Inc.
7707 Bissonnet #104
Houston, TX 77074
Contract Engineer
11/1992 to 3/1993
1987 to 1988

Programmed a Texas Instruments Model 435 PLC to modernize a conveyor system to permit simultaneous processing of three loads on one production line. The program uses a data queue to feed a task handler.

Tasks included light PLC programming, PLC data entry, electrical design, electrical assembly of control panels, material cost estimation and procurement.

Hughes Drilling Equipment
17015 Aldine Westfield Road
Houston, TX 77205
Field Technician
1985 to 1986

Investigated malfunctions, and repaired equipment that always contained hydraulic components, and that sometimes contained pneumatics, SOVs, a PLC, and a 750 VDC motor. Problems caused by metal wear and fatigue were diagnosed and repaired.


Degree: Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (BSME), 1985. Mississippi State University.
Registered: Texas professional engineer serial number 75434, granted 16 April 1993.
Certificates: Honeywell TDC3000 HPM CL Programming - 2001, HPM US Implementation - 1999, GUS Differences - 1999
Application Developers Visual Basic Version 5.0, 1997
Robert Gorden Institute of Technology (RGIT), Aberdeen, Scotland. Offshore survival for duty in the North Sea drilling industry - 1985.
Post Bac: Organic chemistry, C programming, digital logic design & microprocessors.
Memberships: Instrument Society of America, Member, 1990 to present.
Alief Investment Club, President (1996), Vice President (1997), General Partner, 1995 to present. Internet website webmaster.
Hobbies: Common stock security investing
Operated CyberSquad's internet web hosting data center from May 1999 to April 2001 using Win NT Ver 4.0, Redhat Linux Ver 6.1, and Ascend Pipeline router.  Develop web content from April 2001 to present.