Meet the Squad

Our Mission

At Cybersquad, our mission is to provide individuals and small business owners with an online presence through which they may express their ideas to the world. The Internet has opened up a world of opportunity for connecting with people of all different cultures and backgrounds. Our goal is to encourage people to use their websites as a way to extend the idea of the “traditional storefront” to include every neighborhood, every city, and every country in the world.

Our Values

We are a family-run business who firmly believes in providing our customers with quality service and timely support. We offer email support and are available any time M-F 8:30am-5:00pm for in person or online consultations.


Our Executive Team

Guy McLendon started Cybersquad with John Ratliff and Brian Morris in 1998, building websites in a day and age when the internet was still a relatively new phenomenon. His friendly, professional manner and exceptional design skills helped build Cybersquad’s clientele, which quickly grew through word of mouth referrals. After Cybersquad received its national trademark in 2000, Guy focused on developing Cybersquad’s creative approach to design and expanded its services to include professional photography, video editing, and filming services.


Georgia started programming in high school, where she learned essential skills in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. In college, she developed a love for graphic design because it allowed her to bring to life thoughts and ideas from her mind that otherwise could not be expressed. In 2011, Georgia began working at Cybersquad as a web design intern and later joined the team full time in 2014, after graduating from Duke University with a B.S. in Biology. In her free time, Georgia enjoys playing the guitar, ultimate frisbee, and outdoor rock climbing.


Originally from Taipei, Taiwan, Gloria graduated from the University of South Dakota with a M.A. in English. After teaching for a number of years, she decided to switch her career focus towards marketing and business development. In 2000, she joined the Cybersquad team and has loved it ever since. With over 15 years of experience, Gloria has developed exceptional skills in business planning, marketing strategy, and customer support.Outside of her work, Gloria enjoys cooking new dishes, traveling to different parts of the world, and expressing herself through painting.


Debbie McPherson has been an entrepreneur in sales and marketing since she began operating the retail outlet The Pheasant’s Nest in 2002. Her easy charm, knack for design, and experience in developing marketing strategies has made her very successful in her field. Currently, she is launching a CyberSquad distributorship in the Florida/Alabama market and is focusing on developing real estate assets on the Gulf Coast. Debbie’s hobbies include cycling, gymnastic workouts, and reading self-help books.

Guy McLendon
Administration Manager and Co-Founder
Georgia McLendon
Web Developer, Graphic Designer
Gloria Chung
Marketing and Sales Associate
Debbie McPherson
Marketing and Sales Associate

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